Chicken Warriors

Appearance Edit


Native Chicken Warriors serve as Elite Veteran troops for the Natives and as Masters of the Spear. They wear a loincloth and a headdress decorated with Tropical Chicken feathers and standard elbow guards. They have a wooden piercing through their noses. Chicken Warriors notably have a human skeleton painted on their skin, intended to weaken enemy morale. The spears shaft exclusively out of Tropical Chicken Beaks and legs, with the spearhead in fact being a Tropical Chicken head.


Viking Chicken Warriors serve as Elite Veteran troops for the Vikings and as Masters of the Axe. They wear a standard Iron shield with yellow paint, a small horned helmet, trousers with a belt and a hood and sandals made from Tropical Chicken feathers. Chicken Warriors notably have a skull themed belt buckle, intended to weaken enemy morale. While their Axes handle is made from Tropical Chickens beaks and the section between the axehead is also made from feathers, the blade itself is made from iron, so exactly how it is stronger than the iron axe and how it bounces is unknown.

Summary Edit

The Chicken Warrior requires a Peon,2 Wood, 1 Iron, 1 Rock and 1 Tropical Chicken. The Chicken Warrior is the most powerful of the 3 warriors but also is somewhat costly and difficult to train in large quantities. The Tropical Chickens are so sparse that usually you have to replace chicken gathering or else all of them will go through your opponent's base and be killed. The Chicken Warriors' weapons, be it axes or spears, bounce to kill multiple groups of enemies, making them effective against large groups. The chicken warrior is recommended if you are planning to construct lots of towers as they will gain more health and range to kill even large groups of enemies.


  • Chicken warriors are by far the most dangerous warriors.
  • Chicken weapons can bounce from one unit to another effectively killing multiple enemy units quickly.
  • This can kill a maximum of 6 enemy units.
  • Chicken warriors have the highest health and attack of all warriors.


  • Tropical Chickens are hard to come by.
  • Chicken can be a waste of peons in a close personal fight.
  • Chicken spawn points are chosen at the start of the map and it is not always easy to get to them when the Tropical Chickens stay near your enemies base.