The chieftains are really powerful,specialy when they blow there trumpet.The bad thing is they take long to get out from the head quarters.
Features cheiftainswhite


The natives chieftains look and do diferent magic.

Viking Chieftain:

Terrifying Toot: The chieftain toots his horn and musical notes come out. When used opponents peons, warriors, and chieftains within range are temporarily stunned.  The stun only lasts for a few seconds.  In this state it is incredibly easy to kill the peons, warriors, and chieftains that were stunned by the Terrifying Toot.

Ravaging Roar: The chieftain toots his horn and a wave of destruction is seen around the cheiftain.  The Ravaging Roar will kill your peons and warriors if they are within range along with those of the opponents peons, warriors and chieftains.

Native Chieftain:

Stinking Stew: The chieftain stirs up a stew in his pot and a light green aroma appears around him.  This abillity will kill your peons and warriors as well as your opponents peons, warriors, and chieftains.  The longer an enemy or friendly unit is in the Stinking Stew aroma the more damage it will do.

Crackling Cloud: The chieftain stirs up some concoction in his pot and a cloud appears above his head.  This abilitly pursues the closest opponent unit and when it is directly above the unit, strikes down with lightning.  The lightning can miss and therefore not kill the unit it attacked.  It works well to break through an enemies towers as they do significant damage to towers without having to be up close.  It is the closest thing to a long range attack in Tribal Trouble.