If You would like to ask a few questions about how to play the game or how to use a certain strategy etc. Please make any questions related to strategy detailed so the answer can be more detailed than if you were to just write a simple question like "why can't I do the 2q rush"? Instead write: "whenever I do the 2q rush I always get defeated by a player doing a 3q,4q, or 5q build order on large maps. Why can't I successfully rush them"? Type your questions here, You will either be answered by another viewer, or a member of the wiki.

Questions should be listed like this:

Q: How many armories should I have?


when you answer it just type in your answer after the "A:"

Q: How many armories should I have?

A: Usually You should have only 1 armory.

Questions and AnswersEdit

Q: Which is better, a 1q rush or a 2q rush,Why?

A: Unless your playing on a small map the 2q rush is the best to use because then you can focus on using 1q at a time while the other quarter stores peons which will grow rapidly. Then you can unleash a huge army early on and can easily wipe out any 1q rush before it can even get close to 20+ weapons. The 2q rush also allows for more gatherers and weapons because more quarters=more peons=more gatherers=more weapons=more warriors=victory.