Rock warriors are build from the armory. They require 1 peon, 2 pieces of wood and 1 rock.

Rock warriors is the first of the ranged warriors, so (obviously) it's the weakest of the 3. Although, it is better then the normal peon. The rock warrior is good as early defense against peon rushing enemies, or if you want to sabotage the enemies resources. Rocks is very common and is easy to find, so it's good if you want a big number of units early in the game. It's good to have a couple of rock weapons in your armory in case you get attacked and don't have any units, since you can make rock warriors quicker then the other 2 warriors. Because of this fact the rock warrior is commonly used in 2 quarter rush builds.


  • Rock warriors are the easiest to make and come out of the armory the fastest.
  • A great alternative if you do not have access to either iron or chicken warriors.
  • Can be great in a pinch if you are running low on warriors.
  • Fast to make. Therefore it is recommended to use if rushing the enemy.


  • The weakest of the warriors.
  • Die quickly and do not have a lot of attack.  Takes a lot of rock to effectively kill any buildings.