Towers are an essential part of defending your base from enemies. They give the warrior inside them range and attack bonuses and give it extra health.

Building a TowerEdit

To build a tower, simply select some peons and click the tower button. Place the tower and the peons will start to build. Monitor the status of the tower by hovering your mouse over it.

Manning a TowerEdit

To man a tower, click on any warrior and right click the tower. The warrior will get in the tower. Warriors in towers will automatically attack any enemy units within their range. They recieve a range and attack bonus and cannot be killed until the tower is destroyed. By selecting a tower and clicking the attack button you can specify a target for the warrior to attack.


Vikings in their Towers

Removing Warriors from a Tower (Unmanning)Edit

Selecting a tower and clicking the second button will tell the warrior to get out of the tower. This is usefull if the tower is about to be destroyed or the warrior in it is needed elsewhere.

Repairing a TowerEdit

To repair a tower select some peons and click on the repair button and select the tower. The peons will repair the tower until it has full health.

Other NotesEdit

Peons can actually tear down towers much quicker that warriors can. Well placed towers(opponent's resources, your resources, middle of map, sides of map, etc.) can have a HUGE impact on the entire game and the player's reactions.

People do not like it when others build towers.  It is seen as a sign of weakness.  Making towers however are not a bad thing as they help you a great deal.  Just note that some players may hate you for it.