Welcome to the Tribal Trouble Wiki, Tribal Trouble is a strategy game that is simple and funny that was created by Oddlabs.

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Tribal Trouble is a computer game for PC, Mac and Linux. It is a strategy game based around the idea of Natives versus Vikings with a very "cartoonish" twist. The objective of the game is to destroy your enemies buildings and warriors by producing your own warriors and sending them to attack your enemy's buildings while defending your own buildings and warriors.

Tribal Trouble also has online capability, which allows you to battle people worldwide! The online capability is known as Multiplayer. Or, there is a "story" mode known as Campaign. You can also play plain one player where you can customize the options to fit what you like.

There are different types of Warriors and Buildings. You have to use each properly in order to obtain victory. Also, to obtain warriors you need to make weapons for those warriors and to make weapons you need resources.

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